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Saddles & Serenity

Created by Johnny Higginson, Saddles & Serenity is a modality based on the 12- Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the use of horses as healing, self-awareness, empowerment and transformation for sobriety and other addictions. Read the published article by Johnny Higginson from the PATH international STRIDES magazine, Spring 2014 edition.


& Serenity

The program includes “on the ground” and mounted exercises that develop an insight and new perspective to working the 12 –Steps through the use of horses.

Activities can be individual, partnered, or team based and may include horsemanship, equine education, and/or an experiential type therapy which uses horses to amplify the specific step and, through that, reveal what a person can focus on in their sobriety and wellness.

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If you're interested in our Saddles & Serenity program please email or call Johnny Higginson at (213)-761-0549.

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